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Sentinel/General/021. Creative

Title: Watching His Back
Fandom: The Sentinel
Characters: Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg
Prompt: 021. Creative
Word Count: 811
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Angst, some violence
Summary: When they go to arrest a criminal, things take an unexpected turn.
Author's Notes: I do not own The Sentinel or any of the characters. This was written for entertainment purposes only and no money was made from this endeavor. Written for 100moods

Jim sat by Blair's bedside, watching as his guide lay sleeping. It was a drug-induced sleep, but that was for the best right now. Jim's mind replayed the events that had brought them to this point in time.


As usual, Blair was backing Jim up when they went to arrest Carl Masters at a well-known Cascade restaurant. When they arrived, Jim had Blair get all the customers and restaurant workers away from the restaurant so that it would be easier to arrest Masters. Blair had also called for backup when they found out Masters was at the restaurant. He was waiting near the entrance for the backup to arrive so he could instruct them to take the back entrance, just in case Masters decided to bolt. Jim stood just inside the front door to the restaurant and kept watch on Masters. He didn't want to make a move until backup arrived.

Everything was going smoothly until the backup started getting into position. They alerted Masters that they were there. And Masters knew his days of freedom were numbered. However, he didn't want to give up his freedom. He spotted Jim just inside the front door and Blair off to Jim's right. He pulled out his gun, aiming at Blair. He took the shot, hitting Blair in the shoulder. Of course, that infuriated Jim that Masters would go after his friend. Jim walked towards Masters, unconcerned that the man still had his gun in his hand. Blair, however, noticed the foolish risk Jim was taking. He also saw Masters taking aim at his partner. Blair saw the pitcher on the table where he had ducked down after being shot. He hefted up the pitcher in his left hand (since he had been hit in his right arm) and tossed it in Masters' general direction, hoping he even came close. Luckily, Masters was focused on Jim's advancement and didn't see the incoming, hurling pitcher, which hit him in the head, knocking him out.

Jim immediately turned to see where the pitcher had come from. He saw Blair standing there, unsteadily, grinning. Jim couldn't help but grin also. It was another case of Blair using inventive and creative ways to take down criminals. He had a reputation around the station and this little incident would no doubt be the talk of the station in record time.

"What the hell are you doing, Chief?" Jim realized Blair had risked his life again, throwing the pitcher.

"I would think it would be obvious, Jim. Masters had a bead on you and you were totally oblivious. You were more concerned about getting to Masters. I saw what he was doing."

"You're injured and you…" Jim suddenly stopped. He really couldn't be mad at Blair. "I'm sorry, Chief. Thank you for watching my back."

"You're welcome, Jim. Now, do you think you can get an ambulance here? My arm is starting to hurt."

"Sure, buddy. I'll get one of the uniform officers to get an ambulance. I'm going to go handcuff Masters. He's really going to be pissed off that he was taken out by a pitcher."

"Yeah, I guess he will be." Blair started laughing.

Jim could only shake his head in wonder. His partner, the most creative guy associated with the Cascade Police Department.


Blair had spent the night in the hospital and Jim brought him home the next day. Blair was given painkillers and told to rest for several days. Jim told the doctor he'd get Blair to rest and relax.

By the time they reached the loft, Blair was practically asleep on his feet. Jim got Blair situated in his bed, telling him he would get Blair's painkiller so he could rest comfortably. Blair mumbled an okay, which surprised Jim and he could only smile as Blair drifted off before Jim left the bedroom.

Jim got the painkiller and a glass of juice and went back into the bedroom. Blair's eyes were still closed and his breathing had evened out.

"Don't fall asleep yet, Chief. I need you to take the painkiller."

Two blue eyes opened to look up at Jim. "Just make it quick, Jim."

Jim helped Blair to sit up in his bed, careful of the bandaged right arm. He gave Blair the pill and Blair took it with the orange juice. Then Jim helped Blair lay back down. His eyes were closed almost immediately.

"Pleasant dreams, Blair."

Without opening his eyes, Blair responded. "Thanks, Jim."

It was only minutes before Blair was asleep. But Jim didn't move from the bedroom. He grabbed the chair from Blair's desk and sat down beside the bed to keep watch. It totally amazed him that Blair would do anything for him. Of course, the same thing was true for Jim. He would do anything for Blair. It was the nature of their friendship.


Jim?, You mean that
These are my stories chronicling the continuing adventures of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, Sentinel and Guide, partners and friends.

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