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Not Even Death

Title: Not Even Death
Author: Debbie
Email: debbie020556@yahoo.com
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Rating: FRM
Summary: Blair remembers. This is a DEATH STORY!!
Word count: 547

Not Even Death


Blair stood staring at the headstone. He knelt down, running his hands over the letters. The tears formed in his eyes and he let them fall, knowing no one would see him here. He was the only one who came by anymore.

It had been six months and still the hurt was as raw as it had been the night Jim had died. It was always a possibility, with their line of work that it could happen. It was that both of them had lived in denial that it would happen to them. Blair's only consolation was it was quick and Jim didn't linger very long, plus the fact that others were able to live because of the donation of organs.

"I know I see you in my spirit walks and my dreams, but I need to come here and acknowledge that you are really here. I've heard from all the recipients of your organs and they are all doing well. I'm glad you had us do this before something happened. I never could have made that decision on my own, babe. And I'm glad I was allowed to know who got your organs. There are five people out there who have a piece of you. It makes me feel as if you live on through them."

Blair felt the breeze blow through him and smiled at the memory. It had been a day much like today when it happened. He and Jim had celebrated their two month anniversary. They had lusted after one another for years, but only acted on their feelings two months previously. They had stood out on the balcony that morning, planning their first vacation as a couple. Blair had leaned back against Jim's chest, content and happy.

They separated after promising to be home early.

The call came mid-morning to his cell phone. Blair had been in the middle of his class. He dismissed the class as soon as he heard Simon say Jim had been shot and it was bad. Blair arrived just in time to say goodbye. The hospital personnel allowed him to stay by Jim's side as long as he wanted. He was there for some time before he finally got to his feet and gave Jim one last kiss goodbye.

The next couple of weeks were a blur and Blair suffered from nightmares and took to sitting up all night, not trusting himself to close his eyes. Blair collapsed during the funeral service and had to be supported by the rest of Major Crime, who stuck by Blair like glue after Jim's death. Not sure what Blair would do when faced with such devastation.

But Blair seemed to accept what happened, even though he was subdued and forever sad. Eventually, he returned to the university, to his students and his classes and decided to publish his Sentinel study. He had told Jim about it, knowing the Sentinel would be happy.

Blair traced the name one more time. "I love you, Jim. I wish we would have had forever, but I'm grateful for the short time we did have. I'll see you soon."

Blair got to his feet, walking away. He was late already and he didn't want the others to worry about him.



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These are my stories chronicling the continuing adventures of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, Sentinel and Guide, partners and friends.

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