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Dead Drop Triple Drabble

This is a triple drabble missing scene for the episode Dead Drop




True Confessions

(Dead Drop Missing Scene Triple Drabble)


We get home to the loft and I take the stairs up to the third floor, even though I'm tired and the elevator is so inviting.  I just can't take that first step… Not even with Jim.  I turn to see Jim following me up the stairs.  He gives me a small smile of understanding and I return the smile.  He does understand what I went through. 



I unlock the door to the loft and we walk inside.  Once the door is closed, I turn to Jim.


"I just want to thank you for being there.  Thank all of you for being there.  I don't know whether I would have been able to hold my nerves and sanity together if you, Simon, Joel and the others hadn't of been there.  Thank you."  My voice has lowered to a mere whisper, but I know Jim can hear me. 



He walks over to stand in front of me.  I can tell he wants to say something to me.



"I don't know what I would have done had you not survived.  If you hadn't gotten rid of that bomb.  At first I thought you had all perished.  I was ready to follow you."



Jim's words take me by surprise.  But as I look straight into his eyes, I see the total truth and sincerity of which he speaks.  Both of us have learned something about the other today.  I'm not sure about Jim, but I realize my place is by Jim's side, as Jim's partner, guide, and friend.  Whatever Jim needs me for.  We have gone through so much and I can only believe there will be more to come.  At least it's never a dull moment with Jim and the Cascade Police Department.



I smile at Jim again and he smiles back.




The End

Any and all feedback welcome



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