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Holiday Fic: Christmas Eve

Written for SA 12/2002

This is my offering of a Christmas story with the boys. There's pain
and angst. And Blair is a cop in this one. All feedback welcome on
or off list. This is not beta'd. All mistakes are mine.

TITLE: Christmas Eve
AUTHOR: Debbie Tripp
SUMMARY: Jim and Blair on Christmas Eve (vague enough?)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own them, but I love to hurt them.

Christmas Eve

It was Christmas Eve and they were at Cascade General Hospital.
Detective Jim Ellison paced back and forth in the waiting room,
ignoring his own pain. The medical personnel in the ER had given up
hope of trying to treat Jim Ellison. He was more concerned about his
partner, Detective Blair Sandburg. Sandburg had been shot in the
left side. Jim had been shot in the left arm.

Captain Simon Banks made it to the hospital in record time. He had
been called at home by Lt. George Mitchell. Simon knew that it was
bad news when his phone rang at 8:15 that evening. He was hoping to
spend a quiet evening at home with his son Daryl, home from the
university for Christmas break. Simon went over the phone call. Lt.
Mitchell told him that there had been a shootout at the grocery store
on Patterson. Somehow, Simon knew that it involved Ellison and
Sandburg before Mitchell said anything. From what Mitchell said, Jim
and Blair were in the store before the gunmen, who turned out to be
18 and 20 years old. They were there to rob the store. And they had
threatened several customers in the store. Blair had shot one in the
leg and Jim had shot the other one in the chest. There had been no
other choice but to shoot. Blair had been unconscious at the scene
and Jim had been fuming.

Simon brought Daryl with him to the hospital. He explained that both
Jim and Blair had been shot.

"In the hospital on Christmas? That sucks."

"You've been hanging around Sandburg too long."

"Is Blair going to be okay?"

"I'm sure he'll be fine, son. If I know Jim, he'll be in the waiting
room. Let's go."

Simon looked at the scene before him. Jim had quit pacing back and
forth and was sitting in a chair, his head in his hands. Simon shook
his head. He indicated to Daryl to sit down. Simon sat down beside
Jim. Jim slowly lifted his head and looked at Simon. He didn't say

"Any word yet?"

"No. The blood -- oh God, Simon! We -- just went to get some last
minute -- things. Blair -- needed pumpkin."

"Did you let them look at your arm, Jim?"

"No. I had to -- stay with Blair."

"Jim? Why don't you let them look at your arm? Blair's in surgery.
I'll be here to make sure he's okay. C'mon, Jim."

"Okay, Simon. Thanks for coming. You too, Daryl."

Simon led Jim to treatment. Simon was pleased to see that Jim
relaxed in the bed. He went back up to the waiting room. The doctor
came in about an hour later.

"Blair is one of my detectives. Is he going to be okay?"

"He will be. We were able to remove the bullet. He'll be in a lot
of pain, but he will make a full recovery. I understand that his
partner was here. Where did he go?"

"He had an injury of his own. I convinced him to be treated. Can
they be put in the same room? It would mean a lot to both of them."

"We can arrange that."

Simon and Daryl went to Jim's room an hour later. Jim's left
arm was fully bandaged. Jim's eyes were closed. A short time after
they walked in, Jim opened his eyes. He looked from Simon to Daryl.

"Any word about Blair?"

"He came out of surgery. He should make a full recovery, but it's
going to take time. I convinced the doctor to put Blair in the room
with you."

"That's great. When will he be moved?"

"As soon as he comes to in recovery."

"The doctor told me I'll be in here for a few days. It'll be better
with Blair by my side."

"Only you and Sandburg, Jim! In the hospital on Christmas. I'll
make apologies to everyone tomorrow."

"Can you do me a favor, Simon? Go by the loft and get the presents
for everyone. Blair finished wrapping them yesterday. They are
under the tree."

"Sure, Jim. Get some rest. Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Simon. Daryl."

It was several hours later when Blair was brought to the room. The
nurses told Jim that Blair had come to in recovery but needed more
pain medication and was resting. Jim noticed that Blair's eyes were
closed when he was settled into the bed beside Jim's. When they were
alone, Jim spoke softly.

"It's after midnight, Blair. Merry Christmas."

Blair didn't open his eyes. But there was a small smile on his face.

"Merry Christmas, Jim."

The End


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