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Holiday Fic: Not Home for The Holidays

Originally written 12/2005

This is just a little story I came up with that I thought I would share with
my listsibs. Hope you like it. Everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
and a joyous New Year. High on the smarm.



Not Home For The Holidays

Blair didn't see any way he was going to make it home for Christmas. From
talking with Jim, Blair knew his partner was being kept busy by the rash of
crime in Cascade. Blair had been gone for a week, attending an anthropology
seminar in Denver. When it came close to the time to book his flight home,
Blair discovered the recent blizzard had snowed in most of the city and the
airport. It was three days before Christmas. Blair immediately called Jim to
let him know.

Jim was disappointed, but told Blair to stay put and not risk trying to make
it back to Cascade. Blair had argued that he could rent a car and try to drive
back, but Jim nixed that idea, telling Blair he'd be worried the entire time
Blair was on the road.

So, Blair sat in the airport terminal, hoping for the weather to clear up
enough so he could at least get home within a couple of days, maybe a day or so
after Christmas. The airport personnel couldn't say how long it was going to be
until things cleared up. Blair sat watching the other potential passengers as
they walked and sat around, waiting for word, just like him. He spoke to
several people, all of whom were disappointed to be spending Christmas in an
airport terminal rather than with loved ones and family. Blair found out
several interesting stories about various people. It was the anthropologist in
him and his insatiable curiosity.

But he always took out his cell phone to connect to Jim back in Cascade. He
tried not to let his disappointment color his conversation.

"Since you're not going to be here, I volunteered to work a part of a shift on
Christmas so some of the guys in Robbery and Vice can spend time with their

"What about your family, Jim?"

"Well, you're stuck in Denver."

"Not me, Jim. Your dad and brother."

"I explained things to them. I can exchange gifts with them after my shift."

"Oh. Okay, Jim. I'm sorry I screwed things up."

"You're not responsible for the blizzard, are you?" Jim was serious.

"Of course not, Jim!"

"Well, then, you're not to blame. And you didn't screw things up."

"I may call you later, Jim."

"That's fine, Chief. Whenever you want to talk, I'll be here."

"Thanks, man. I wish we could be together."

"If we celebrate after Christmas, it will make the holiday last longer."

"That's hokey, Jim! I'm hanging up and going to talk to the airport personnel
again. Talk to you later."

"Hang in there, Blair. I'll talk to you later."

Unbeknownst to Blair, Jim was using his own brand of obfuscation on his
friend. Jim was at that moment on his way to Denver. He had rented a reliable
vehicle and had left Cascade right after hearing about the blizzard in Denver.
By his own calculations, he would be in Denver on Christmas Day and would be
able to surprise Blair.


Jim had checked; everything was mostly still at a standstill in Denver. All
of the planes were still grounded. Jim knew Blair would have stuck around the
airport terminal, in case a flight out would come available. So Jim headed
towards the airport. He'd have to dial down all of the extra stimuli, but it
would be worth it to see Blair's face when they were reunited.

It didn't take Jim long to find Blair among the myriad of people. His friend
was talking to a young couple with a baby and Blair was holding the baby,
entertaining the young boy with bounces and sounds. Jim walked up to them
unnoticed and honed in on Blair -- the lack of sleep, and yet the boundless
energy. Jim smiled and stood there, waiting for Blair to finish. Finally,
Blair handed the young boy back to his mother and bid farewell to the young
couple. Blair turned around and practically ran smack straight into Jim.

"I'm sor…" Blair looked up. "Jim?! What are you doing here? I thought -"

Jim patted Blair on the back. "Merry Christmas, partner!"


"Simon gave me the time off. I left as soon as you told me about the
blizzard. I didn't want us apart, so here I am. I was thinking we can find a
hotel, get a couple of rooms and wait the blizzard out."

"You lied to me!"

"Now, Chief. You were the one who said lies hurt. It wasn't a lie; it was

"Obfuscation, huh? Okay. Waiting the blizzard out sounds good to me." Blair
patted Jim on the arms. "I just can't believe you came here, Jim. That you
would do this for me."

"You're family, Blair."

Blair blushed. "Merry Christmas, Jim."

Jim placed his arm around Blair's shoulders. "Merry Christmas, Chief."

Hope it wasn't too sweet!!


Jim?, You mean that
These are my stories chronicling the continuing adventures of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, Sentinel and Guide, partners and friends.

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