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The Right Therapy

Title: The Right Therapy
Author: debsfic
Email: debbie020556@yahoo.com
Fandom: The Sentinel
Characters: Jim/Blair
Genre: Slash
Rating: PG (nothing graphic - more smarm than anything else!)
Summary: In the aftermath of an attack, Jim stays with Blair.
Warnings: Just some angst, Blair-pain and Jim-worry.
Author's Notes: I do not own The Sentinel or any of the characters. This was written for entertainment purposes only.

The Right Therapy

Jim stood at the top of the stairs, looking at his lover. Blair was sound asleep in the bed, half-covered by the comforter. Jim still spied the bruises on Blair's face, a result of two vengeful students wanting to teach Professor Sandburg a lesson in grading papers written by Neanderthals. Jim shook his head and took several steps closer to their bed. Every time Jim saw the results of the beating, it made him want to take his own measure of revenge out on the students. Luckily, Jim hadn't come face to face with the two students or else there would be two less young men in the world.

Jim inched closer to the edge of the bed and sat down, facing Blair. Blair's sleep was the result of pain medication and some exhaustion. Jim told Simon that he had to have the time off to take care of Blair and Simon was generous enough to allow Jim all the time he needed. Even though Jim knew Blair would do little other than resting and relaxing, he still wanted to be with Blair. Sitting here by Blair's side, watching him sleep, Jim realized that he would do anything in his power to keep his lover safe and secure. He developed protective urges towards Blair when he was just a guide. Now that he was also his lover, Jim knew his protective urges kicked into overdrive.

As Jim reached over to touch Blair, he noticed blue eyes open and looking at him.

"What are you doing awake?" Jim reached out to push back some errant curls from Blair's face.

"Making sure you're still here and not trying to get revenge on my attackers."

"I told you I would stay with you."

"You've got to let it go, Jim. They only beat me up. I'll heal."

Jim opened his mouth to speak and paused. "I just hate seeing you in pain and hurt."

"I know you do, love, but I'll be fine. Why don't you lay down here beside me and we can cuddle?"

"Are you sure it won't hurt you too much?"

"I think it's just the right therapy for me."

Jim agreed with Blair's assessment. He kicked off his shoes and lay down beside Blair. He gently pulled Blair close. Both men sighed and closed their eyes.


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These are my stories chronicling the continuing adventures of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, Sentinel and Guide, partners and friends.

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