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Title: Past And Present
Author: Debbie
Character/Pairing: Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg
Disclaimer: I don't own The Sentinel or any of the characters. This was written for entertainment purposes only.
Prompt Table #: Four
Prompt: 010. Backyard
Rating: FRC
Warnings: None really, maybe family relationships
Word Count: 770
Author’s Notes: Written for 25_places

Past And Present

Blair was starting to worry when he didn't hear anything from Jim. Jim had left hours earlier to go talk to his father. William Ellison had called last night asking Jim to come over to his house to discuss some *family* matters, as Jim had explained. Blair offered to accompany Jim, but he told Blair he'd be fine on his own. Now, it had been over three hours and Blair just couldn't envision Jim talking to his father for so long.

Blair got the cordless phone and called Jim's cell phone. There was no answer from Jim and Blair really started to worry. He thought about going over to William Ellison's house and find out what was wrong. He decided to call the Ellison household and find out if Jim was still there. He found the number in Jim's address book and called. A woman, who Blair figured was Sally, answered the phone.

"Ellison residence."

"Yes, I was wondering if Jim Ellison was there. This is his friend, Blair Sandburg."

"He is here, Mr. Sandburg, but he's talking with his father. I don't want to disturb them. Mr. Ellison told me this was a very important meeting with his sons."

"His sons?" Blair wondered what was going on. "Thank you for the information. If you would let Jim know that I called, I'd appreciate it."

"Of course, Mr. Sandburg."

"Thank you. Goodbye." Blair hung up the phone, curious as to what William Ellison was up to this time.


Jim and Steven Ellison walked out the door that led to the backyard. Just the sight of it brought back memories for both men. Memories of when they were kids, when they would play hide and seek, and climb trees in the backyard. Many of the memories were happy ones. There were even some that included their father when he would play with them on the rare occasion he was available to give them attention.

Soon, William Ellison joined his sons in the backyard. "It looks a lot smaller now than it used to."

"I was just going to comment on that, dad," said Steven as he walked around the perimeter of the yard.

"I remember when we built that tree house in the old oak tree back there," commented Jim, wistfully. He looked longingly around the yard, remembering many happy moments here.

"I always worried about you boys falling out of trees and breaking your neck," said William, as he looked from Jim to Steven. "Why don't we sit down? I'm sure Sally will be out soon with our lunch."

The three men went to sit down at the table just as Sally was bringing out the tray with sandwiches and drinks. She set the tray down.

"Jimmy, your friend Mr. Sandburg called a while ago."

"Is something wrong?" Jim was worried something was wrong.

"No, no. At least, he didn't say anything was wrong. I told him you were talking with your father. He sounded a little surprised at that."

Jim smiled and let a small chuckle escape. "It's okay, Sally. Blair was the one who pushed me into reconnecting with my family and now he's amazed that I would do it. Thanks for the message."

Sally left to go back into the house.

Jim turned to his father and brother. "Blair worries about me. Sometimes to the extreme."

"He seems like a very nice young man," said William, as he reached for one of the sandwiches. "Maybe you should have brought him with you."

"You told me you wanted to talk to Steven and me, dad. Anyway, I told Blair I could handle this on my own. Sometimes, I think he wants to protect me from the world."

"Not a bad attribute for someone, Jimmy."


Jim called Blair on his way home. He smiled when Blair answered the phone after the first ring.

"Jim? Are you okay?"

"What's got you so protective all of a sudden, Chief? I told you I could handle this on my own. Although, my dad did say something to the effect that I should have brought you with me."

"Really? I didn't even think he knew who I was."

"Oh, he knows who you are, Chief and I think he approves of you, which gives him high marks in my book."

"Well, did things go okay with him and Steven?"

"Just fine. I'll let you know about it when I get home. I just wanted to let you know I survived and I thank you for being a good friend."

"Well, gee, thanks, Jim. You're a good friend, too. See ya soon."


Jim?, You mean that
These are my stories chronicling the continuing adventures of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, Sentinel and Guide, partners and friends.

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