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Title: Stranded
Author: Debbie
Email: debbie020556@yahoo.com
Fandom: The Sentinel
Characters: Blair Sandburg, Jim Ellison
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Word count: 533
Summary: Blair is stuck in an airport and won't make it home for Christmas.
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: I don't own The Sentinel or any of the characters. Any similarities to real persons or real situations are coincidental. Written for 15minuteficlets Peppermint


Blair sighed and closed his eyes as the last flights out were cancelled. He, along with several thousand other people, was stuck at the airport because of the recent snowstorm. Blair hoped to be one of the lucky ones and get a flight out before the oncoming storm, but it moved too fast, taking most of the officials and the weather forecasters by surprise.

Blair looked at his watch, calculating the time difference between here and Cascade. He got out his cell phone, punching in the number for the Cascade Police Department. He knew Jim would still be at work.

There was an answer after the second ring. "Ellison."

Blair heard the tiredness in his friend's voice. He almost hated to give Jim the news that he wouldn't be home for Christmas.

"Hey, Jim. How's it going?" Blair tried sounding upbeat, hoping to lessen the blow.

"It's been a long day. Are you calling with your flight info?"

"Um… not exactly. I'm stuck here in Denver. At the airport. The snowstorm moved in quicker than anyone anticipated. I'm not going to make it to Cascade by Christmas."

There was silence on the other end. Blair became concerned.

"Jim? Are you there?"

"Yeah… sorry, Chief. We can celebrate Christmas when you do get home."

Blair wasn't convinced. Something just seemed… off about Jim. "Did something happen, Jim?"

Jim mumbled his answer into the phone.

"Ah, Jim? I'm not the sentinel in this partnership. What did you say?"

"I zoned last night." Jim whispered it into the phone.

Blair smiled, even though it was potentially serious. Blair realized that it took a lot for Jim Ellison to admit even a small bit of weakness.

"What did you zone on, Jim?"

"The snowfall. It was snowing here last night. I watched it from the balcony. I got lost in each individual flake."

"How did you come out of it?" Blair needed to know the details.

"The temperature dropped. The cold brought me out of the zone."

"See, if I was there with you, I could have talked you through it all without a zone-out."

"I don't doubt it, Chief. So, are they putting you up in a hotel or motel or somewhere?"

"Nope. We're stuck here. I have to make a claim for my piece of the floor. I just felt I should call to let you know. I'll call again after I recharge my cell phone."

"Thanks for thinking about me. I'm going to miss you, Chief."

"I'll miss you too, Jim. But we'll talk again. And I'll be home soon. Just make sure there's no more zoning on the snowflakes or we'll run multiple tests when I get home." Blair tried sounding tough, but it didn't come through that way.

"It won't happen again, Chief."

"Good night, Jim."

"Night, Chief."

Blair put his cell phone in his backpack. He felt something there and smiled. He pulled out three peppermint candy canes. They were from Jim. It was a nice gesture. His friend, and sentinel was always with him and he always thought about him. He also left candy canes behind for Jim to find.

Blair ate the candy cane, thinking of home.


Jim?, You mean that
These are my stories chronicling the continuing adventures of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, Sentinel and Guide, partners and friends.

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