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Panic Attack

Title: Panic Attack
Author: Debbie
Fandom: The Sentinel
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Word count: 293
Summary: Blair is trying to conquer his fear of elevators.
Warnings: Slight spoilers for 'Dead Drop'.
Author's Notes: I do not own The Sentinel or any of the characters. This was written for entertainment purposes only and no money was made from this endeavor. Written for 15minuteficlets Anxiety

Panic Attack

Blair tried once more to conquer his fear and anxiety about elevators. He was determined to get inside the elevator. He made it inside, but as soon as the doors closed, Blair started to panic. He couldn't get out of the enclosed space. Luckily, he was by himself in the elevator car.

All of a sudden, he started hyperventilating, sweating and he slid to the floor of the elevator car. He closed his eyes, trying to visualize open spaces and to see himself anywhere but in the elevator. At this rate, he'd never conquer his fear. It had been three weeks since the incident of the falling elevator. Blair had gone to a therapist, talking about his fear and his anxiety. He thought he could ride in an elevator, but each time it was the same.

The elevator stopped at the designated floor. Blair slowly got to his feet and softly mumbled to himself, trying to calm his thundering heartbeat. The doors to the elevator opened and Blair scampered off. He moved quickly into the Major Crime bullpen, greeting and joking with Rafe and Brown.

He looked up when Jim came out of Simon's office and purposefully strode towards him. Blair met Jim halfway. Jim placed his hand on his shoulder.

"You okay, Chief?" Jim softly asked the question.

Blair nodded his head. "Yeah. Just another elevator incident."

Jim could only shake his head. He led Blair over to his desk and sat him down. "I thought you were avoiding elevators?" queried Jim as he sat down also.

"Dr. Prentiss said I should keep trying. At least I was alone."

Jim got Blair's mind on reports instead of elevators. Jim had no idea if Blair would ever get over his phobia of elevators.
Tags: 15minuteficlets, anxiety, sentinel
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