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In The End, Sleep

Title: In The End, Sleep
Author: Debbie
Email: debbie020556@yahoo.com
Fandom: The Sentinel
Genre: Slash (implied)
Characters: Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg
Rating: PG
Word count: 193
Summary: Blair is exhausted and Jim helps him sleep.
Warnings: Implied m/m relationship, sleeping Blair
Author's Notes: I do not own The Sentinel or any of the characters. This was written for entertainment purposes only and no money was made from this endeavor. Written for 15minuteficlets Exhausted

In The End, Sleep

Jim reached out and lightly caressed the curls on Blair's head. Blair was asleep, completely exhausted from the last twenty-four hours. Blair moved slightly and Jim held very still, hoping he didn't wake the younger man. Blair needed the sleep, needed the rest. It would be better upstairs in their bed, but for now, the couch would suffice.

Jim lightly traced the bandage that was covering the jagged wound on Blair's forehead. He received the wound when they went to take down the latest group of robbers who had ran a crime spree over the past three weeks throughout the city. But Blair had been able to arrest and handcuff his guy even injured.

Jim wanted to carry Blair upstairs so he'd be more comfortable, but he didn't want to disturb the most rest Blair had had ever since the crime spree had started. He shifted Blair slightly, making sure he was safe and secure. Jim shifted his body also and placed his arms around Blair's midsection. Jim closed his eyes, unconsciously bringing his breathing in sync with that of his lover. Soon, they were both sleeping, both getting the rest they needed.


Jim?, You mean that
These are my stories chronicling the continuing adventures of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, Sentinel and Guide, partners and friends.

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