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Triple Drabble

This is a triple drabble for The Sentinel. In this, Jim goes looking for Blair after an incident. Intentionally vague.

Needing Some Space (a triple drabble)



Jim looked around, trying to spot where Blair had gone.  There was no immediate visual of his bedraggled partner.  Jim decided to extend out his hearing; sure he would be able to hear Blair mumbling to himself.  Blair frequently talked to himself, unaware he was even doing it.

Jim closed his eyes and concentrated, extending out his hearing.  There it was.  Jim opened his eyes again and strode purposefully in the direction Blair had taken.


Jim had to smile when he came across Blair.  The young man was sitting on the bench, looking out on the bay.  Jim didn't say a word, but sat down beside Blair.  No words were necessary.


After several minutes, Blair glanced over at Jim.  Jim had been watching Blair the entire time since he had sat down.  Blair looked about ready to drop.  It was a good thing he was sitting at the moment.


"I suppose you want to go home?"  Blair queried, looking Jim straight in the eye.


"Whenever you're ready, Chief.  I don't want to push you."  Jim kept his voice calm and even, belying his true feelings of just wanting to bundle Blair up and take him home.


"I just need a little time, Jim."  Blair turned away from Jim's scrutiny.  "You understand?"  The last line was said whisper soft. 


Jim had no trouble hearing Blair's words.  And he understood perfectly.  Jim reached out and patted Blair on the shoulder.


"Can I stay with you?"


"It's fine.  I shouldn't have run off.  I'm sorry."  Jim heard the tiredness in Blair's voice.


"We'll stay here until you're ready to go home.  I don't mind.  And don't apologize for wanting some time for yourself." 


Jim understood Blair's motivations all too well.  Blair needed to *process* what had happened, and do it without an audience.



The End

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These are my stories chronicling the continuing adventures of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, Sentinel and Guide, partners and friends.

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