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The Sentinel/General/031. Ecstatic

Title: Beginning of an Era
Fandom: The Sentinel
Characters: Blair Sandburg, mention of Jim Ellison
Prompt: 031. Ecstatic
Word Count: 812
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: Prequel to Jim and Blair's encounter in pilot episode
Summary: Blair contemplates coming across a Sentinel and how he can help.
A/N: I do not own The Sentinel or any of the characters. This was written for entertainment purposes only and no money was made from this endeavor. Written for 100moods

Beginning of an Era

Blair sat in his office. He laughed. It wasn't an office; it was a storage closet in the basement of Hargrove Hall. It was all that had been available to him when he had been assigned to be a teaching fellow at the university. He had wanted this from the beginning. He wanted to teach other students.

While he had been going for his undergraduate degree, he had unofficially tutored many students in various classes, including math, English, history and even anthropology when he had spare time. He was able to make extra money so he could afford necessities college students needed, such as books, paper, pens and pencils. He also had two part-time jobs to bring in income.

Now that he was going for his doctorate, he was given an office of his own. Even if it was in a storage closet, it was still his. He was looking through the latest tests he had conducted in response to an ad he had placed. He was looking for people with hyperactive senses, hoping to find at least one person with all five senses enhanced. He had been looking for some time and he had put out another ad, hoping that elusive someone would show up for his test.

He got to the end of the stack of papers and sighed. No one with all five senses. His only consolation was that he had been able to help several people cope with an acute sense of smell or of hearing. He was able to help them adjust to living a more normal life. It was just another form of teaching. If he could find that person with all five hyperactive senses, he could make it his life's work to teaching that person to cope with those gifts. Blair had often fantasized about having hyperactive senses. Along with those fantasies, he also envisioned him being the one to help someone else, to teach them the best way to cope and adapt to the world. It had to be a constant bombardment of stimulus and to try to live like that alone would be a daunting task for anyone.

Blair knew he had to come to a decision fairly soon about where he wanted to go as far as his thesis. He wanted to attain his doctorate. That had always been his vision. He had been at Rainier for ten years now. He was twenty-six years old and he had been lax lately as far as his pursuit of his ultimate goal. He may have to revise his subject matter if no one with five hyperactive senses came forward.

There was a knock at his office door and Shirley, the secretary walked in.

"Hey, Shirley. What can I do for you?"

"This fax just came for you, Blair. I thought I'd run it down here since you hardly ever come out of your hole." She smiled at him as she handed him the pages.

"Hey, I'm a busy man. I can't hang around your office as I used to when I was an undergrad. I've got more responsibilities now."

Blair started looking over the pages, his eyes getting wider as he read. Shirley noticed his reaction.

"Must be something important," she said, indicating the pages. "I noticed it was from the hospital. Hope it's not bad news."

He looked up at her, a huge smile on his face. "Nah, it's not bad news. In fact, it may be the best news I've had in a long time. I have to go, Shirley. Sorry I can't stay and talk."

"It's okay, Blair. We'll talk later. Take care of your responsibilities."


Blair practically bounced to his car. He was ecstatic! This was the news he had been waiting for. He still had the pages in his hand and he kept reading over the information.

James Joseph Ellison, 37 years old. It said he was a detective with the Cascade Police Department. The thing that excited Blair was that Ellison came to the hospital complaining of loud noises, smelling things that no one else could smell, and taste buds that one minute were just fine and the next off the scale and seeing things that couldn't possibly be seen. As Blair added that up, it came to four out of five. If he could just confirm a hyperactive tactile response, somehow… it would be it. James Ellison would be his Sentinel. Well, not his Sentinel, but it could be if he could somehow convince Ellison that he was the one to teach him how to adjust and adapt to living with his hyperactive senses.

Blair had to get to the hospital and catch Ellison before he left. He had to come up with some way to get Ellison to listen to him. To have Ellison allow him to teach him how to live with his gifts.


Aug. 24th, 2006 09:42 pm (UTC)
And this is how it all began. :) I loved all five of them. great job.
Aug. 28th, 2006 02:05 am (UTC)
I figured that was the perfect place to end the arc. Glad you liked them all :)


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